Make A Kite Video

Make a Kite Video

Do you know a secret tip to make kites fly higher? Perhaps you know make unique kites that can’t be purchased in stores. Whatever your kiting passion may be, there are some kite enthusiasts out there who are waiting to see and hear what you have to share. Learn deliver that information to them by making your very own kite video.


1. Decide what type of kite video you would like to make. Are you going to teach people make kites or fly kites or something else?

2. Choose a location to make your kite video. If you will be making the kite video outside, make sure that the weather conditions are favorable. If you will be flying the kite in the video, be sure that there is enough wind blowing on that particular day so that the kite will fly well.

3. Record your video with a digital camcorder. Look for a digital camcorder that is good for outdoor activities, such as the Kodak Easyshare Z1285. Also consider getting a digital camcorder with binoculars, such as the Celestron VistaPix 72204. Because kite flying requires a lot of looking up toward the sunlight, the binoculars can make it easier on your eyes. If you are going to be flying the kite in the video, consider bringing along a partner to record your actions. This will ensure that all of your movement is captured in the video because the camcorder won’t have to remain stationary.

4. Upload your kite video to your computer. You can do this by connecting your USB cable from your camcorder to your computer.

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5. Open your favorite video editing software on your computer. Some computers come with video editing software already installed. Check the program listings on your computer to determine if the editing software was preinstalled. If it is not installed, you will need to purchase video editing software and install it.

6. Edit the video by deleting footage, such as bloopers, that you don’t want to appear. Continue editing until your kite video is professional and polished.

7. Save your edited kite video to your computer’s hard drive.