Make A Halo 3 Video

Make a Halo 3 Video

Halo 3 is one of the biggest console games of this generation, and as a result, plenty of home-made videos have been made to honor (or parody) this video game. If you have an idea of a Halo 3 Video that you want to make, the process is fairly easy, and requires some special hardware as well as video editing equipment. But if you are committed to making an ode to your favorite game, then it is well worth it.


1. Connect your PC (with capture card) to your TV through an S-Video cord. If you do not have a capture card, check out the Resource section for more information. Once the connection has been made, open your video capture program. You should see the TV display in your capture program.

2. Start up your Xbox 360. Open the tray and then place a copy of Halo 3 in the tray. When the tray closes, the game will start automatically.

3. Engage the video capture device. It is better to record too much footage rather than too little, so just record everything and worry about cutting extra footage later.

4. Simply play through whatever portions of the game you want to capture as you normally would and rest assured that whatever you see on screen will be captured on your computer.

5. When you are finished, go back to your computer and end the capture. You can then shut down your Xbox 360. Then save the video capture. You can then import it into your favorite video editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and so on) and assemble your video. Some people like to capture and publish their “reels”–documents of their performance within the game. Others might prefer to add comical voice overdubs to make their Halo 3 footage into a parody.

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6. Once it is finished, use your editing software to render the video to a web-friendly format, such as AVI, and publish it at your favorite web video host for all your friends (and perhaps some Hollywood execs looking for the next big thing) to see.