Make A Funny Youtube Video

A funny face could be good in a funny YouTube video.

Making a funny YouTube video can be a lot of fun. It can also be a rewarding way to share your fun with the world. In fact, people have become “YouTube celebrities” based on one single funny home video they made, then uploaded to YouTube. However, with the millions of videos available on YouTube, you shouldn’t have such high expectations for your video. Mostly, you should just try and have fun while making the video and enjoy watching it over and over again because that way, you can help increase the views once it’s uploaded onto YouTube.


1. Come up with some ideas that you think would be funny for a YouTube video. Countless things can be filmed that translate to a humorous video. If this is your first attempt at a YouTube video, don’t get too carried away and try to keep it simple. For example, writing a full script is probably not advisable. Brainstorm some basic ideas you think are funny. YouTube videos are often full of cultural references, and whether these be musical, cinematic, political or whatever else, they help the audience connect with the idea.

2. Continue to develop your idea into a film-worthy format. Many humorous YouTube videos are filmed as music videos. This makes them easier to film and edit because you already have a soundtrack with which to work. You can also film your video in an improvisational format in which you and the people in the video simply improvise and take lots of shots until you get one you like.

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3. Come up with humorous costumes and scenes for the video. Although the content of a YouTube video is most important, the visual presentation is also key. Having silly costumes or fun or exaggerated settings can make a video really stand out and get a lot of attention.

4. Film your video. This part of the process is very important and involves some time and patience. Filming is never as easy as it looks, and you may need to take several shots of one thing before you get it right. And then you may need to film it all again just to get the right angle. Try to enjoy the filming process and not get too caught up in details, but also don’t rush yourself.

5. Edit your video using your software of preference. When editing, make sure to pay close attention to the sound of the video. A lot of a video’s humor can come through in sound effects. Add humorous or random sounds to enhance the overall appeal of the video.

6. Add visual graphics and effects to the video to flush it out. Most good YouTube videos have some element of visual effects, whether this be via labels, transitions or credits. People notice when you pay attention to the smaller details such as graphics.

7. Upload your video onto YouTube and start generating some attention. Your video should be no longer than 10 minutes and ideally between three to five minutes. With so many videos to watch, people often won’t commit to a video longer than five minutes.

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8. Write a catchy description of your video and have some friends or relatives make positive comments in the feedback field. This will frame your video in a nice atmosphere, and viewers will start off with a good first impression.