Make A Funny Youtube Video That Will Generate Lots Of Hits

Make a Funny YouTube Video That Will Generate Lots of Hits

Today’s world of Internet technology has made it easier than ever for John Doe to become a mini-celebrity, and YouTube made this process even easier. So, you want to be a YouTube celebrity? Go right ahead. If you have the right equipment, character, and imagination, making a smash-hit YouTube video is a very feasible goal. You do not need to be on a Hollywood sound stage to make yourself famous. So, do you have what it takes?



1. Jot names down on paper. These could be names of songs, celebrities, things, poses, and anything else that catches your attention.

2. Try to ad-lib some of those names together. For example, if you want to do something to combine Britney Spears with Dr. Phil, maybe you could something that has Dr. Phil singing a Britney Spears song. For more help, see the top ten funny videos below.

3. Think of ways of making your video. It can be anything from taking a video of yourself, one of you and your friends, or even a short animation. For example, if you were to go through with the Dr. Phil singing a Britney Spears song, you could either dress up as Dr. Phil and sing a Britney Spears song yourself, or you could do a short animation of Dr. Phil singing the song.

4. If you are shooting a video of yourself, you have to have an ability to laugh at yourself. As a matter of fact, the video can even make light of one of your flaws.

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Making Your Dream a Reality

5. Shoot the video! If you are videotaping yourself or your friends, find that perfect setting to shoot in. Otherwise, start the animation process or any other means of making your video.

6. After you have all of the footage in place, you have to edit it. There are no length guidelines for the perfect YouTube video, but usually if it is longer than five minutes, make sure you vary the style.

7. Upload your video on YouTube and show the world. Add a title that will capture people’s attention.