Make A Funny Video

Humor is appropriate for any situation. Just ask students in a public speaking class. Teachers often recommend that they open up their speeches with a joke to ease the nerves. Comedy can relieve any situation. If you want to make the next hit on YouTube or Funny or Die, heed this advice.


1. Pick a style of comedy and stick with it. Every comedian has his or her own brand or style of comedy. There is no such thing as a well-rounded comedian. They all find a brand that works and stick with it. What makes you funny? Are you good at situational humor or quick, witty dialogue? If you’re not sure what type of humor you should use, look at what you watch. If you enjoy a certain kind of comedy, chances are you’re also good at that brand of humor.

2. Write the script. The only time you should not plan ahead is with improv comedy. If you’re doing improv, then the only things you need to plan are the location and characters involved. Many of the videos posted online are random comedy or improv acts that are designed for quick and cheap laughs. If you want to dig deeper and present a truly funny video, then you need to write a great script. Decide on the story, characters, and major plot points. Write out the action and dialogue. Great comedy often derives from actual events or events others can relate to. Awkward romantic situations are always a great place to start.

3. Find the talent and location(s). The script can be flawless, but if you do not have the appropriate talent and locations, the video will not be funny. The locations are not as important for a tiny budget video. The talent is incredibly important. Maybe you want to act in the video? Maybe you know a friend who is great at cracking jokes? Whatever route you go, make sure it’s the right route because their performance will make or break the video.

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