Make A Fraps Record In Bigger Files

The Fraps recording software records video games with a minimal amount of compression. When dealing with video quality the type and amount of compression techniques used is one of the primary factors in determining its overall quality. Since Fraps outputs the video in a raw, uncompressed format, the best way to increase quality is by introducing more data into the recording. This will result in larger file sizes. Make Fraps record larger files by increasing the frame rate and resolution of the recorded video.


1. Click “Start,” then type “Fraps” in Search and push “Enter.” This opens the program’s options.

2. Click the “Movies” tab at the top. This opens the recording settings.

3. Look at the “FPS” settings in the Video Capture Settings section. The available options are “60,” “50,” “30” and “Custom.”

4. Click to select the radio button next to the frame rate you want to record at. The higher the frames per second the bigger the recorded file will be. Higher frame rates will also make your video and live game play smoother.

5. Find the “Full-size” and “Half-size” options also in the Video Capture Settings area. By default “Half-size” is selected for performance and size reasons. Increase the size and quality of your Fraps videos by selecting the “Full-size” radio button. Instead of downscaling to half the size, this option tells Fraps to record at the same resolution as your game. This will result in higher quality videos with much larger file sizes.

6. Click the “Record Win7 Sound” check box. This setting will also increase the size of your Fraps file by adding the game’s audio to your video. If you play games that have surround sound, further increase the file size and quality by selecting the “Multichannel” option.

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7. Minimize the Fraps interface. Open your game and press the “F9” key to begin capture. The recorded videos will now have a higher quality and larger file size.