Make A Football Card Checklist

Collecting sports cards is a great way to remember your favorite players and moments.

From generation to generation collecting football cards has been a tradition for not just young fans but also avid collectors. What starts as a simple hobby can eventually evolve into lucrative side business. As a collector progresses in his hobby, his taste may become more precise. There are a wide variety of card series to look through. There are All-Pro cards. There are rookie cards. There are veteran cards. To get exactly what you want you might have to mix and match.


Put It Together

1. Pick a brand. There are several different brands of cards to choose from. A few examples of prominent trading card brands are Limited, Gridiron Gear and Topps.

2. Check what’s available. In many packs of cards you will find a list of what cards come in what series. An easier way to find this information, however, is to go online. There are many sites, including the brand-specific sites, that will give you a detailed list of every card in the series.

3. Make a list. If you’re making your own custom card wish list, looking through these online lists is a great way to get an idea of exactly everything that is available. Make your list as detailed as you would like. A simple way to do this is to just open a text document on your computer and go to work. To keep the information as clear as possible for you, make columns specifying what brand the card is, the name of the series it’s in and its price.

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