Make A Dvd On A Computer From A Flip Video Camcorder

Send videos to your computer with the supplied USB cable.

Flip Video camcorders allow you to create movies and store them on the Internet to watch from any computer. An optional FlipShare TV package allows you to watch recorded video on a television. Flip Video camcorders do not provide a way to create DVDs on a computer to play videos on home theaters without FlipShare TV, however. You will need a third-party DVD-authoring program to burn DVDs playable on a home DVD player. You will also need to install the FlipShare software on your computer to convert the video files for third-party software.


1. Connect your camcorder to the computer with the supplied USB cable. Select “View your Flip Camcorder Videos” from the window that automatically opens and click “OK.”

2. Click “I Agree” at the bottom of the End User License Agreement to start the installation. Your FlipShare software will open automatically and display a thumbnail icon for all of your videos.

3. Select the video you want to burn to a DVD. Click “Edit” at the top of the screen and then “Trim” to prepare a final version of your videos to burn to a disk. Adjust the start and end points of your video with the “Step Start Forward” and “Step Start Backward” buttons.

4. Click “Create” at the top of the screen and select “DVD” from the drop-down menu. Drag videos from your workspace to the Create a DVD window to export them to your desktop. Your videos will be in a desktop folder when you close FlipShare.

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5. Run your video-converting software to convert your videos from MP4 to MPEG-2 files, if you plan to watch them on a home DVD player. You can also use a video editor to convert the files by importing them into the software and resetting the file type when saving.

6. Open your MP4 or MPEG-2 files in your DVD-authoring program by clicking “Add” or by opening them from the File menu at the top of the screen. You can also drag them into the software window from your desktop folder. Click “Burn” when you are ready to burn the disk.