Make A Dvd In Premiere Pro Cs3

Use DVD-R discs to burn your Premiere Pro CS3 video to a DVD.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 is a video editing software comparable to Apple’s popular Final Cut Pro. Trim family videos or create your own short movie using Premiere Pro CS3. One of the perks of using premium versions of video editing software is that they come with features that allow you to start and end your project in one place. For example, you can import footage from your camera directly into Premiere Pro CS3, edit the video footage and export it to a DVD or create a media file that can be shared electronically. To create a DVD, start with a standard DVD-R disc.


1. Set the chapter points you want to have in your DVD by dragging the blue current-time indicator to the start points. Next, right-click the current-time indicator and click “Set Encore Chapter Marker” from the drop-down menu.

2. Click “File” in the main toolbar and select “Export,” then “Export to Encore.” Create a name for your disc in the Encore dialog box. You will be prompted to select the disc type. Enter DVD-R from the pop-up menu.

3. Select Author With Menus if you would like to create a home screen for your DVD. Highlight the space next to “Copies” and enter the number of DVDs you would like to burn.

4. Create a name for the file and click “OK.” A dialog box appears while the movie is converted to a file format that can be burned to a DVD. Follow the prompts to exit the software once your DVD is complete. Your DVD disc will eject upon completion.

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