Make A Clone On Windows Movie Maker

Video networking websites such as YouTube have popularized do it yourself videos with special effects. Windows Movie Maker is a cheap and useful software that can handle many simple video editing techniques. Cloning is how video makers layer different video clips on top of one another to make it appear as if there were two of them in the scene. It is a very simple technique that can be mastered.


Filming Your Clone

1. Set up your tripod. Don’t move it while transitioning between you and your clone. It’s best to use a tripod or to rest your camera on a steady surface than to have someone else tape you. While filming your clone, you can’t pan, zoom or move the camera at all, unless you do the exact same in the video of your clone. The two videos should be in the same room, same position and with the same lighting while filming.

2. Film yourself, and then move to a different position in the room (remaining within view of the camera of course) and film yourself there too.

3. If you want to speak to your “clone,” you must time yourself carefully. Write down your conversation, and time how long it takes for you to say your part until it’s your clone’s turn in the conversation. For example, “Hello” might be 1 second, and “Who are you?” might be 3 seconds . Film yourself speaking this one-sided conversation and waiting between each phrase for the clone to “respond.” Then move to another part of the room, and film your clone’s side of the conversation.

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4. An easy way to correctly converse with your clone without there being any pauses is to record the conversation (audio, not video), and play it while you’re filming. You can mouth the words to your part and know the exact timing of your clone‘s response and vice versa.

Editing Your Footage

5. Connect your video camera to the computer, and upload the videos. Open the folder containing the videos and Windows Movie Maker. Drag the videos into Windows Movie Maker to create collections.

6. Drag the video clip of your “original” self onto the Timeline. Then drag the clip of your “clone” next to it on the Timeline.

7. Trim each clip as necessary so that their timing is correct. Drag one clip on top of the other so they are layered together. Play your video to make sure the clips are lined up properly, and you’re done.