Make A Button In Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme, a Web design program, allows users to create buttons that function as hyperlinks. Some websites use buttons for important hyperlinks such as an “About” or “Contact” page. Using a button helps make a link easy to identify, but it can slow down the website’s loading time. Xara Extreme offers graphics and image editing tools, such as a simple version of the popular program Photoshop. As of January 2011, Xara Xtreme sells for $79 while Xara Xtreme Pro retails for $199.


1. Double-click on the Xara Xtreme icon from the desktop to open the program.

2. Click the “Navbar Tool” menu and select “New.” This will create a new button icon. Click on this button to open a dialog box. Enter the desired number of buttons and spacing of buttons into the text fields.

3. Click the button that reads “Create” at the bottom of the window.

4. Click the text tool in the toolbar. Click on the button you wish to add text two. Type the text you wish your button to have. The button will automatically stretch and shrink to accommodate your text.

5. Add a hyperlink to the button, if desired. Right-click on the button and scroll to “Web Address.” Enter the URL of the hyperlink into the “URL” text field.

6. Click on the “File” button and scroll to “Save.” Enter a name for your button file and click “OK.”

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