Make A Basketball Home Movie

Making home movies allows special moments to be preserved in a way that can be revisited later and shared with loved ones. Basketball home movies are usually highlight reels, showcasing the abilities of the subject. Making such a home movie is a relatively easy process, and here is a guide to making one of the most popular types of reel.


1. Collect footage of the basketball player. This can be done by going to games of the player, having the player go to a playground and perform moves, or collect footage that have already been shot by the player’s school or friends. The most important thing is collecting a lot of footage, which will give you the most options when it comes time to edit them.

2. Connect your camcorder to your computer with a FireWire cable or USB cable, whichever option is available for the type of camcorder you have.

3. Open your video editing software and transfer your footage to your computer. When you open your software, go to the “capture video” option that is available and select your camcorder as the device to capture from.

4. Look through the footage and select the moments you want in the final movie.You will probably have hours of footage to go through and you will want to have the best moments.

5. Put the moments you want into the “bin” of your video project. Each new project has a bin for putting video files that may be edited. Keep all the moments you want in the bin and delete any moments you don’t want.

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6. Add the moments you want into the editing time line. This is done by dragging the clip and dropping it into the time line. Put the clips in the order you want them to be in the final cut of the movie.

7. Add a song. Add a song that best fits the mood of your movie. Most people pick a rock song or a hip-hop song. Add that song to your bin and drag-and-drop it into the audio side of the time line.

8. Make any edits you want. You can make the clips shorter, add effects and add transitions to the movie once it’s in the time line. Have fun with it and experiment.