Make A Band Music Video

Music videos can increase publicity for your band.

After a band has developed an album, it’s time to begin marketing by setting up promotional concerts and creating a music video. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a filmmaker by hobby, making a music video can be easily done with proper equipment and planning. Take note: To make a professional music video, a financial investment is required. However, the amount of money needed depends on the equipment, props and other items used for the shoot.


1. Outline the objective of the music video. Will the video be a story or an experimental visual experience? If you decide to create a story, create a scene-by-scene breakdown. Abstract videos may not have coherent scenes, but write a detailed summary of what shots needs to be taken and what will be involved.

2. Gather necessary film-making equipment. The exact type of equipment used is based on the amount of money you wish to spend. However, you can make a music video by using a standard digital camcorder and a basic lighting kit, which can be rented from local colleges or universities, and by having an understanding of properly use the camera.

3. Schedule a shooting date with the band and anyone else needed. You can find actors by placing notices on college campuses, in local trade papers or through online classifieds. Make sure that notices state the pay rate, if applicable, and the band’s name.

4. Confirm your filming date with everyone involved, and gather props, wardrobe, a music player and other necessary equipment.

5. Shoot the necessary scenes to create the video. Most music videos can be filmed in a single day, but if you’re creating an elaborate video, principle photography may take longer. Never rush the filming of a music video because its quality may suffer.

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6. Upload the video to your computer. Purchase video editing software to edit and add special effects to the music video. Software such as Corel VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio or CyberLink PowerDirector lets you easily upload, edit and add special effects. If you aren’t an avid filmmaker, the software must have a user-friendly interface as well as step-by-step instructions on editing and adding music.

7. Finalize the music video, and publish the video online through various video-sharing web sites. Give a copy of the music video to everyone who was involved.