Make A 3d Video

You can make your own 3D videos.

Films shot in 3D, also known as stereoscopic cinematography, are becoming ever more common and provide a unique viewing experience by making the subjects of the film appear to be three-dimensional. This technology takes advantage of the fact that we have two eyes and uses dual cameras to mimic what our eyes would see. Special 3D glasses are required to realize the 3D effect. Making 3D videos is not as complex as you might think, and with some basic equipment you can soon be producing your own low budget 3D films.


Shooting the Video

1. Get two video cameras, preferably of the same make and model. Make sure the two cameras are shooting at the same frame rate by checking the fps in the camera’s menu settings.

2. Mount the two cameras side by side on the same plane. The center of the lenses should be about 2.5 inches apart, which is the distance between our two eyes. You will need to build a special rig for this as tripods are made to support only one camera and you cannot get two tripods close enough together. You can do this by mounting two 3/8 bolts into a small piece of wood and screwing them into the tripod mounts on the bottom of the camera. You can then securely tape the piece of wood onto the top of the tripod.

3. Shoot the video with both cameras running simultaneously.

Editing the Video “Image Controls,” then drag the Desaturate tool onto your clips.

7. Add the RGB balance effect to both clips. To do this in Final Cut Pro you would go to “video effects,” click “color balance” then drag the RGB balance effect onto your clips. RGB stands for red, green and blue. Adjust the settings on the RGB balance effects tools so that the red in the right video, which is the top track, is turned all the way down and the cyan in the left video, which is the bottom track, is turned all the way down.

8. Render the video. In Final Cut Pro, you would do this by going to sequence at the menu bar at the top and clicking: Render All. Put on a pair of 3D glasses to watch your video in 3D.

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