Make 60fps Slow Motion In Pinnacle

Slow motion is a video effect that reduces the speed of the frames in your video and makes time appear to be slowed down. It may be used to enhance a certain effect or place emphasis on a particular moment in a video clip. Pinnacle Studio is a video editing program that allows you to increase or slow down speed. Within minutes, you can reduce frames to 60fps and create dazzling slow motion effects.


1. Launch your Pinnacle Studio project, and then drag the project to the time line if you hadn’t previously done so.

2. Click the clip to which you want to add the slow motion effect.

3. Click the “Add Effect” button, and then select “Studio HD RTFX.” Select “Speed” and click “OK” to launch the speed control feature.

4. Change the speed to 60fps in the open box. Or, drag the slider under “Speed” to 60. Press “Enter” to save your changes, and then close the speed control.

5. Press the “Play” button to view your video in 60fps slow motion.

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