Make $400 A Month Giving Plasma

Giving plasma

What is blood plasma? Blood plasma, is the liquid part of the blood and lymphatic fluid. Blood plasma has life saving antibodies and proteins. During this economic down turn, people have discovered they can make an extra $200 to $400 a month donating plasma!

Donating blood plasma is a wonderful service to provide to help others who may need a blood transfusion. Plasma has greater healing properties than whole blood. Remember if you donate blood or blood plasma, you will become someone’s hero.


1. Have a desire to help others: If you have a desire to help others, you many be a candidate to donate plasma. Giving plasma, helps burn victims, hemophiliacs and people with immune deficiencies. Research with plasma, is also being done for find treatments for other disease using plasma.

2. Decide if you are a candate: In order to be a candidate to give plasma, you must be eighteen years old and at least 110 pounds. You must have federal indemnification a social security card or legal certification from the Department of Social Services.

3. Go to a local plasma center: Before giving plasma, you will go through a screening process, which takes about two hours. Your medical history taken and tested for blood borne diseases before you can give plasma. If you are healthy, you can donate plasma. The actual process of giving plasma, will take about one hour.

4. Receive compensation: The compensation for giving plasma is from $25 to $50 per donation depending on location. You are not being paid for your plasma, you are being paid for your time.

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5. earn $400 a month giving plasma: If you receive $25 per donation and if you give plasma twice during a seven day period you would receive $200 a month. If you receive $30 per plasma donation and you donate plasma twice a week, you would receive $280 a month. If you receive $50 per plasma donation and you give plasma twice, every seven days you could receive $400 a month.