Make 3d Movies

Add 3-D effects to your home videos.

If you are into movie-making or you love to edit home movies for fun, you can create your own 3-D movie. All you need are two webcams or handy video cameras and 3-D video-editing software. You can view these 3-D movies in the comfort of your own home using 3-D glasses you can purchase or make yourself.


1. Make a base or tripod plate to hold two cameras on one tripod. Drill two holes on a piece of scrap wood, and put two 1/4-inch screws where your cameras will be connected. Use a T-nut at the center to connect the base to the top of the tripod.

2. Place the two video cameras on the tripod side by side. The distance between the two should be 2.5 inches from the center of each camera lens.

3. Avoid too much depth. The distance between your camera and your subject or actor should be at least 15 to 20 feet.

4. Test some footage by editing it on your 3-D editing software (see Resources). Drop the video footage on your video timeline. Put the left video footage on top and the right video footage at the bottom timeline.

5. Desaturate both clips to make them black and white.

6. Modify the right video by going to “Modify” and selecting “Add.” Go to “Video Effects,” then select “Color Balance” and add “RGB Balance Effect.” Turn the radio button for “Red” all the way down to the left for the right video, and then for the left video turn the “Blue” or “Cyan” radio button all the way down to the left.

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7. Render and save your work.