Mac Vs Pc Video Editing

Both Macs and PCs can accept input from standard digital video cameras.

In the world of digital video editing, the choice between an Apple Macintosh computer or a Windows-based PC is one that will determine many things about the user’s experience. Each system offers different options in terms of hardware and software, making the choice both a matter of personal preference and technical necessity.


One of the key factors in choosing between a Mac and a PC for video editing is the availability of software for each system. New Macintosh computers come with Apple’s iLife software suite, which includes iMovie for editing video, iTunes for managing audio and iDVD for burning DVDs. In addition, Apple produces Final Cut Pro, which is an industry standard for professional digital video editing. Another popular program is AVID, which is available for both Mac and PC. Other PC programs include Adobe Premiere and other consumer-level editing programs such as those that come with certain digital video cameras.


Another key difference between PC- and Mac-based video editing is the hardware. Apple computers generally feature a matching design scheme and use Intel processors, while PCs may include chips from Intel, AMD or other manufacturers. PC hardware also gives users more options, with many different companies producing the high-end computers and drives needed to manipulate and store digital video files. Many peripherals, including hard drives, monitors, keyboards and mice, will work with both types of computers. PCs are generally the first computers to incorporate new hardware such as high-speed ports and new microprocessors.

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Operating Systems

Mac and PC operating systems are one of the biggest differences in terms of overall user experience. Apple computers come with the latest versions of Apple’s OS X system, which is noted for its streamlined, efficient operation. The majority of PCs run a version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Windows supports more software titles than OS X, but many versions of Windows are known for their complex internal databases and frequency of system crashes.


Security is an important factor for any computer, especially those connected to the Internet. For video editors who work on a home computer that also goes online, system security is essential to keeping a video project safe and intact. Mac OS X is not vulnerable to the vast majority of viruses that plague Windows-based PCs. However, both types of systems are potentially vulnerable on some level. There are also more antivirus and security programs available for Windows than there are for OS X.


One final important issue in choosing between a Mac and PC for video editing is the cost of the system. Despite adopting new hardware later than some PCs, Macintosh computers generally cost more than comparable PC systems. In part, this is due to the competition among various PC makers, while Apple remains the only company producing hardware for its own OS X operating system. However, an editor’s specific needs, in terms of storage space and processor speed, are more likely to dictate the final price than the decision of which type of computer to use.

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