Log And Capture Using Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is film-editing software created by Apple. Editors worldwide use Final Cut Pro to edit their films during post-production. This editing software can be difficult to tackle at first but anyone has the ability to become a professional editor. In order to edit a video or film, a significant amount of patience and determination is needed to be successful.



1. Make sure the mini DV tape is at the beginning. Rewind it using the mini DV tape deck or the video camera.

2. If using a video camera, connect the FireWire to the video camera and the computer. If using a mini DV tape deck, just insert the DV tape.

3. Open up Final Cut Pro.

4. Click ‘File’.

5. Once ‘File’ opens up, click ‘Log and Capture’.

Log and Capture Video

6. Once ‘Log and Capture’ is clicked, the Log and Capture window will pop up. Click on ‘Capture Settings.’

7. Once on ‘Capture Settings’, click ‘Scratch Disks’. Make sure that the project is located in the right file, this way the video doesn’t get lost.

8. Next, click ‘Logging.’ The original screen will pop up.

9. Make sure the DV tape is at the beginning.

10. On the bottom right corner of the ‘Log and Capture’ screen, there are three options: “Clip, Now, Batch”. Click ‘Now’ and press play simultaneously. Your video should be capturing onto Final Cut Pro.

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