Linux Terminals Used In Jolicloud

Finding the command line and terminal in Joli OS is challenging.

Jolicloud, now called Joli OS, is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution optimized for netbooks. Many of its functions depend on network connections, so many of its apps are Web apps running through a Chromium interface. Joli OS provides a vast library of apps available for quick installation, apps for graphic design, email, video editing, office productivity. Missing, however, is a terminal emulation app; but several are available, although not immediately obvious.

Gnome Terminal

The Gnome Terminal comes pre-installed in Joli OS, but you will not find it in the list of Local Apps. You have to hit “Alt-F1” to launch the program or navigate to the More Apps folder inside the Local Apps list. Once launched, it behaves just like any other Gnome terminal. It is very basic, but for those who have spend time in command-line computing, it is sufficient. Other terminals must be installed through Synaptic Package Manager.


Guake can be found in Synaptic’s list of applications. Guake’s appearance and behavior is intended to mimic the terminal provided by the well-known first-person shooter game “Quake.” Guake supplies more options than the typical terminal, options that include drop-down functionality, tabs, configurable font sizes and transparency. Once launched, you can minimize and maximize Guake by using the F12 key or by clicking the icon in the taskbar in the top right of the Joli OS screen.


Terminator is another terminal emulator that can be installed via Synaptic Package Manager. Terminator provides several options not found in the default Gnome terminal, tools like split windows, windows in a grid, draggable tabbed terminals and extra keystroke shortcuts. You can also drag and drop text and URLs into Terminator to be pasted as text.

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ROXTerm is a terminal intended for slimmer Linux distributions. It is smaller in size and requires fewer system resources to operate. However, it provides a good selection of tools, and it works seamlessly with the GNOME desktop environment used by Joli OS. ROXTerm provides tabbed terminals and drag-and-drop insertion of text into the terminal. ROXTerm can be installed via Synaptic Package Manager.