Light Tnt In “Minecraft”

In “Minecraft,” TNT is a useful tool for destroying rocks and clearing out caverns. However, it is not a good idea to use TNT to clear rocks that you need to gather minerals from, since it will destroy most of the blocks around it. You can also use TNT to kill monsters and set up traps to protect your home. You can light a TNT block with a torch, energized redstone dust or flint.


1. Craft the TNT block, which requires five units of gunpowder and four sand blocks, from the crafting bench.

2. Set the TNT block down in the desired location.

3. Light the TNT block with a torch, crafted at a work bench with a stick and coal. Equip it and right click on the mouse to swing the torch toward the TNT block. Coal is a very common ore found underground or in mountain sides.

4. Supply power to the TNT block with redstone dust in order to charge it for explosion. Find the dust by mining redstone ore deep underground. Lay the dust on the floor leading to the TNT block and supply power to it, either with a switch or with a redstone torch. The redstone dust on the ground will glow, and the TNT block will begin to countdown for explosion.

5. Equip flint and steel and strike the TNT block to cause it to explode. Find flint by refining grave. Find the iron ingot required for the material by mining deep underground.

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