Level Up Your Pokemon Fast In “Pokemon Pearl”

The Nintendo DS title “Pokemon Pearl Edition” provides hundreds of Pokemon characters for players to collect and train for battle. Pokemon learn new skills and fare better in fights by leveling up in the game. While some characters gain experience quicker than others, you can use some general strategies and items in the game to level up your Pokemon at a rapid rate.


1. Get a piece of Rare Candy. These are most easily found at the Dowsing Machine. Use this candy on a Pokemon to increase its maximum level one notch. The maximum level you can reach this way is Level 100.

2. Breed your Pokemon. This will not work on some of the characters because they cannot breed, but for others it can be an effective strategy. The Pokemon Eevee, for example, only needs a few experience points after breeding to gain a level.

3. Head to the gym. These are found in many towns in the game, and they allow you to find and battle trainers and Pokemon to increase your character’s experience.

4. Find the character Happiny. This trainer provides a high number of experience points when you battle it, quickly increasing the levels of your weaker Pokemon. Look for Happiny near Route 210.

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