Learn Madden 08 Strategy

John Madden’s football video games have become a popular fanchise. There are countless tournaments to determine Madden supremacy. Whether you’re competing on a big league level or simply long to beat down on your friends, you must know employ strategy in Madden 08.


1. Learn the different player skill icons and know exploit them. One of the new features in Madden 08 are the small icons that appear under the players to show you what weapons they posses. For instance, a quarterback may be a cannon arm QB and a wide receiver is a possession receiver. On defense, you have brick wall defenders, shutdown corners and crushing run blockers. Know who has what type of weapon and where they are on the field so that you can get favorable match-ups.

2. Know throw a deep ball. When you make a deep throw, your quarterback needs only to be about 5 yards behind the line of scimmage, make your quarterback step into the throw to get the most distance on your pass. On deep balls, always pick your speediest receiver, if he has a step on the cornerback, an accurate throw will get you the deep ball almost every time.

3. Follow your blockers. You don’t want to run past your offensive line, tight ends or receivers, so don’t hit the speed burst button right away. Set a man in motion, they can pick up the extra defender, after contact is made, you can then push the ‘speed’ button to power down the field.

4. Learn read defenses. If you set a man in motion, and a defender does not follow, the defense will play zone and/or possibly blitzing a defender. In cases like that, either look for the mismatch or call an audible for a short pass. You can also adjust your backs to pick up extra blockers.

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5. Practice and use the mini-games. The best way to learn new strategy is just to play. Play against others and the computer. Raise the difficulty level when it gets too easy for you. Use the various mini-games in Madden 08 to fine-tune your strategy and skills. There are several different game modes that all offer strategic benefits.

6. Improve your overall football IQ. Watching NFL games, or any other type of football games, can improve your Madden game. See if you can recognize defenses and coverage schemes, as well as play action and blocking patterns. Being able to spot subtleties like these in real life will help you recognize them in Madden 08.

7. Check out some online guides. As with any video game, there are many online guides you can use to improve your Madden game. Sites like IGN and Gamespot offer some really comprehensive guides, and best of all they’re free. Don’t take everything the guides say as absolute truth, but use their tips and strategies to make your game better.

8. Listen to what others are saying in online forums. Another way to learn new things is to talk to other gamers, so find an active game forum and join the Madden discussion. Most major gaming sites offer forums, so start there. Check on the forums on GameFAQs.com if you don’t have anywhere else to start. For a Madden specific forum, check out TheMaddenLab.com.