Learn Hollywood Special Effects

Learning Hollywood special effects prepares you to work in film, television, and video and computer games. Every medium uses special effects today. Knowing learn about Hollywood special effects can open the door to a magical, artistic career that influences billions of people yearly. Apply the following steps to gain knowledge about Hollywood special effects.


1. Become familiar with the Hollywood special effects field. Visit bookstores and study special effects magazines. Even subscribe to a couple of magazines that stand out with vital and informative articles about special effects. Take the time to visit special effects websites. Get to know the industry, so you know where the field is headed in Hollywood.

2. Locate special effects vocational schools or colleges such as Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton, Florida, Full Sail in Winter Park, Florida, and Westwood College of Technology in multiple cities in the Los Angeles area of California. A school specializing in special effects, animation and high tech studies will give you get hands-on training of subjects like Basic Motion Picture Techniques for Animators, Screenwriting Fundamentals, Introduction to Film, Video and Computer Animation, Animation Production, Case Studies in National Media and Film and Related Art.

3. Buy a video camera and video editing software to make your own film complete with special effects. This will let you apply what you learned at school to a real-world situation, experiment with new techniques and keep your hands and mind focused on this type of work while you are looking for a position with a studio. It will also provide you with more samples to show perspective employers.

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4. Establish relationships with special effects post-production houses after getting your vocational training. Many times students take on internships via their school placement services and get in the door that way. If you are more of a maverick, you can cold call, offering your knowledge to independent film producers.