Learn Dentrix Computer Software

IT solutions, such as Dentrix, in dental treatment rooms have helped improve record-keeping and productivity while also reducing errors and increasing patient safety.

Dentrix is recognized nationally as one of the top practice management and electronic dental records programs on the market. The modular software suite allows dental practices to use as much or as little of the software as they need, and it can work effectively in practices large and small. Familiar interfaces make the software easy to learn, and anyone can master it very quickly.


1. Configure a workstation installation of Dentrix to look at what is called the Tutor database. This can be done by opening Office Manager, clicking on the Utilities menu, then selecting Preferences. Under the Path tab, there will be boxes for Data, Docs, and DXPort. Change the Data path to C:Program FilesDentrixTutor and close any open Dentrix modules. When you open it again, you will be working off a demonstration database with a few representative patients and families listed.

2. Start looking around in Dentrix, using the demonstration database. Nothing that you do in here, other than setting viewing preferences, can be carried over to the live production database. So feel free to add and change the patients, change their insurance, even set up treatment plans and enter procedures. Experience will be the best teacher when it comes to using the software and Dentrix provides this safe path to gaining experience without letting mistakes put your data in danger.

3. Refer to the manual for any sticky points. Though with Dentrix G4, released in 2009, the manual clocks in at over 1200 pages, the Dentrix software install makes sure you’re up to date on the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and places a link to the manual on your desktop. When you open it, you’ll notice that the bookmark tray on the left side opens automatically, and you can use that to navigate chapters, sections and subheadings with relative ease. The manual is organized by the various modules of Dentrix (Appointment Book, Chart, Ledger, etc.), making it easy to zero in on a particular function or problem.

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4. Investigate Dentrix Training options. From local seminars, to in office training by a certified specialist, to web-based learning opportunities, Dentrix offers a variety of ways to better familiarize yourself with the software.