Learn Adobe Premiere Cs5 Online

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is a digital video editing software that allows you to capture and edit videos in many formats. This software enables you to do everything from creating a rough cut of a video to upload to the Web, to creating a complete video from start to finish to output for computers, DVD players and smartphones. Whether you are an amateur or professional video editor, utilize online resources to learn use the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software properly.


1. Navigate to the Adobe Premiere Pro Help and Support page on Adobe.com. This page contains a wide variety of tutorials and learning resources for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and its successor, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. Things that you will learn include installing and setting up Premiere Pro CS5, adding closed captions, importing videos, fixing audio problems and use Premiere Pro CS5 with other software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

2. Go to AdobePress.com to download the “Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book” eBook to study online. This eBook is a full training course featuring 22 step-by-step lessons that teach you many techniques for working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, such as adding effects and audio to videos, producing titles, authoring DVDs and adjusting the color of videos. At the time of publication, “Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book” is available as a standalone eBook for $38.39 and as an eBook and Book bundle for $64.79.

3. Navigate to the Adobe TV website to view videos that teach you the basics about Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, such as importing and exporting videos, making a rough cut, adding sound to videos and applying video transitions. These short video excerpts — which are provided for free by Adobe — are based on the “Premiere Pro CS5 Essential Training” course tutorials offered by Lynda.com.

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4. Go to Lynda.com to sign up for the “Premiere Pro CS5 Essential Training” course. This comprehensive online course features nearly 100 videos in 17 sections that will help you learn many things about Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, such as basic and advanced video editing, importing and organizing videos, applying video effects, working with audio and exporting video. Lynda.com allows non-subscribers to view about a dozen of the “Premiere Pro CS5 Essential Training” videos for free. As of August 2011, monthly subscriptions to Lynda.com start at $25 and annual subscriptions start at $250.