Know Which Photo Editing Software Is The Most User Friendly

Unlike days gone by, when photo editing required the careful use of razors, markers and glue, modern technology allows you to create and alter images digitally using a computer and graphics software. Unfortunately, some photo-editing software is very complicated, and can’t be used without a manual and at least a few hours of study. You can bypass this issue by downloading a more user-friendly photo editor with basic tools designed to alter photographs.


1. Make a list of possible photo-editing programs you’re willing to try that will meet your needs. For example, make a list of free photo editors if you don’t want to pay for a software package, or Windows XP editors if you’re using Windows XP.

2. Read customer reviews on software downloads and reviews websites. Specifically, pay attention to reviews about the software’s usability. The program may be very complicated if many users are complaining it’s too hard to figure out or use, or that they had to repeatedly consult tutorials and the program’s help files. Repeat for each program on your list, noting which programs are reported as difficult and which have positive remarks.

3. Take a peek at a few tutorials, particularly tutorials on the type of edits you’re wanting to perform. For example, search your favorite search engine for “X program red eye tutorials,” replacing “x program” with the program’s name, if you’re planning to edit the red eyes from a photograph. Read through the entire tutorial and note its overall complexity, and whether or not the program seems more complicated than the others on your list.

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4. Compare each program‘s features. Go to the program’s official website if it has one, or consult marketing material for the program, such as a pamphlet from a software store. Compare the features and see if the tools are automated to perform certain tasks, such as simplified red-eye reduction, or if the program is composed of advanced tools you must use to create the effect you’re seeking.

5. Download each program if possible and try each one individually, mentally comparing their user-friendliness as you do. Attempt to perform the basic actions for which you’ll most often use the program, and ultimately choose the editor you feel is most user-friendly and easy to use.