Keep Subtitles On The Avs Video Editor

To keep subtitles on videos in the AVS Video Editor, create a text overlay that contains your subtitles. A text overlay can be static or dynamic, and you can add it to your video project in the AVS Video Editor. If you apply a text overlay, you can edit the text in the subtitles without editing the video file.


1. Open the AVS Video Editor software. Click the “Create Movie” option in the left pane to expand the category.

2. Click the “Text Overlay” button in the Create Movie section.

3. Scroll through the text effects in the Media Library and click on the desired text effect for the subtitles.

4. Select the “Add Text Overlay” button to add the text overlay to the workspace window.

5. Click the “Parameters” tab in the right pane and set the effects parameters for the clip. Type the text for the overlay for the first text segment. Click the time that the text will fade in, and the time in the timeline that the text will fade out.

6. Press the “Play” button to preview the subtitle overlay in the workspace window.

7. Click the “File” option on the top navigation bar, then click “Save” to save your edits.

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