Join An Mp4 Video

Applications make it easy to splice your vacation videos together.

MP4 videos are often released in pieces and must be joined together to watch without interruptions. These types of videos sometimes come off of camcorders and cameras, but you can also download them from the Internet. Since MP4 is the preferred file format for iPods and iPhones, joining small clips together has many benefits. Additionally, once the files are joined, you can easily convert the movie to another video format if you wish.


1. Select all of the MP4 video files that you wish to join together. Create a new folder on your desktop and place these files in the folder. Rename the files (e.g., “title_part1,” “title_part2”) to keep them in order.

2. Download and install a free program that allows you to join files, such as MPEG Streamclip. If you already have software like Apple’s iMovie or QuickTime Pro installed, you can use those applications as well.

3. Open the first segment of your MP4 video in one of the editing programs. Open the “Edit” menu and choose “Select All.” Click on “Edit” again and choose “Copy.”

4. Find and open the next segment of your video in the editing program. Set the tracking at “0.00,” click on the “Edit” menu and choose “Paste.” The first clip is now pasted in front of the second part of the MP4 video. Select all of the video in the “Edit” menu and copy it again.

5. Load the third section of your MP4 video and paste the previous section. Continue copying and pasting the segments until all of the pieces are joined together. Click on the “File” menu, save your project and choose “Export” from the “File” menu. Choose a title for the complete video and save it to your hard drive.

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