Install The Dazzle Dvd Recorder

Install the Dazzle DVD Recorder

Dazzle’s DVD recorder is a device that connects to your computer and allows you to transfer video from digital cameras and even VHS tapes. Once there, you can burn these video files to DVD, all from within the confines of the same program. It is not enough to simply hook up the Dazzle DVD recorder to your computer, though. You must also install it and ensure that it is working properly on your system.


1. Make sure your Dazzle DVD recorder is connected to your computer and that Windows recognizes the device. The DVD Recorder plugs into your computer via a USB cable. Once plugged in, a little icon will pop up in the lower right corner of your desktop, letting you know that Windows is aware of your new hardware.

2. Place the Dazzle DVD recorder software installation disc in your computer’s CD or DVD ROM drive. After a few moments, the disc will auto-load, and an installation program will appear on your computer screen.

3. Follow the installation wizard to install the Dazzle DVD recorder software. Simply follow the directions on screen and click the “Next” button when asked to, and the program will install itself on your computer.

4. Download any updates to the Dazzle DVD recorder software that may be available. Simply go to, click on the icon labeled “Dazzle DVD Recorder” and then click on the “Downloads” button. Download and install any updates that may periodically become available.

5. Restart your computer. Once you restart your computer, the installation of the Dazzle DVD recorder software will be finalized, and the device will be ready for use.

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