Install Software Downloads On A Macbook Air

Install software downloads on your MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air is a laptop made by Apple that features an extremely thin body. The MacBook does not have a CD-ROM drive so the only way to download software is through the Internet or if you are on a network. Downloading and installing applications and programs on a Mac is extremely easy and takes about five minutes to complete.


1. Download the software’s .DMG file. If it is behind a link on the web, click the link and it will download to your Mac. If it is on a network drive, it will most likely be a .DMG icon that you can drag onto your desktop.

2. Find the .DMG file on your desktop, where it typically resides. Click on it. A new icon will appear on your Mac desktop.

3. View the new window that automatically appears. If the new window does not open automatically, click on the icon that appeared in Step 2. The window will display a software icon.

4. Open your “Finder” in your dock. Click on the “Applications” icon on the left side of the finder window.

5. Drag the software icon from Step 3 into the “Applications” folder that you opened in Step 4. The software is now installed on your machine.

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