Install Sandbox 2

Sandbox 2 is a software program included with Crytek’s “Crysis” PC video game. With Sandbox 2, you are able to edit the settings of the “Crysis” game engine CryEngine 2, enable or disable specific options and create and customize levels and environments. Sandbox 2 is not installed when the game is installed, but it is accessible from the game disc when it is inserted into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive.


1. Insert the “Crysis” game disc into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive, and close the tray.

2. Click “Quit” when the auto-run window initializes on-screen.

3. Click on the Start menu, and select “Computer.”

4. Right-click on “Crysis,” select “Open” and double-click on the “Sandbox2” folder.

5. Double-click “CryEngine(R)2 Sandbox(TM)2,” and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation for Sandbox 2.

6. Click “Finish” once the process is complete.

7. Go to the Start menu, and click “Computer.”

8. Double-click on your “C” drive, and double-click “Program Files” (“Program Files (x86)” in 64-bit computers).

9. Double-click “Electronic Arts,” and double-click “Crytek.”

10. Double-click “Crysis,” and double-click “Bin32” (“Bin64” in 64-bit computers).

11. Double-click on “Editor.exe” to run Sandbox 2.

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