Install Quicktime 7 50 61 With Group Policy Problems

Group policies are Windows domain network permissions. An administrator sets up group policies to restrict access to some desktop components, and it restricts access to other network resources. If you want to install Quicktime and the network administrator restricts it by using group policies, you must log in to your computer using the local computer’s administrator user name and password. The administrator account allows you to install any program.


1. Log in to the Windows computer using the “administrator” user account and password. Logged in with this account, you have full control of the computer’s hardware and software.

2. Use the resource link to download the Quicktime installer. Quicktime was created by Apple and is free. The download is a small zip file. Save it to a directory on your computer.

3. Double-click the zip file you downloaded. Click “Extract All” in the opened window. The files are extracted, and the installer automatically starts. Click “Next.”

4. Click “Next” until you reach the registration window. Type your name and email address to register the product and click “Next.” Click “Install” on the final window. Quicktime installs within a few minutes. Click “Reboot” to reboot your computer.

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