Install Presets In Adobe Lightroom

With the help Adobe Lightroom, you can easily edit and process digital images in multiple formats including RAW and jpeg. Installing presets in Adobe Lightroom makes processing RAW images quicker so you can spend more time taking photos and less time editing them. Importing presets is the quickest and easiest way of getting them into Lightroom so you can begin developing your images.


1. Open Adobe Lightroom. Usually when Adobe Lightroom is installed on any computer it provides a shortcut on your desktop which is one of the quicker ways of opening the program.

2. Select the “Develop” drop-down menu and then select “New preset folder.” Make sure you select the folder option because selecting the “New preset” option is another task unrelated to loading presets.

3. Name the new folder whatever you would like. If you have a few black and white presets, you may want to name the new folder something that represents those preset functions so you can keep everything organized.

4. Use the “Navigator menu” on the left side of the Lightroom screen and scroll down until you see the preset folder you just created.

5. Right-click on your new preset folder and select “Import.”

6. Go to the folder where your presets are saved using the pop-up menu and file navigator. Select the presets you want to load and click “Open.” You can load multiple presets at once by pressing the “Ctrl” key down while clicking on each preset you want to load.

7. Develop your photos using your new presets. Continue to modify photos after applying a preset until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

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