Install Pinnacle 10

With the price of digital video cameras dropping, more and more brands of video editing software are popping up. Most home users are looking for powerful software, yet user friendly interfaces. That is why Avid, the industry leader in video editing software and hardware, created the Pinnacle line of editing programs for Microsoft based computers. Pinnacle 10 offers many of the useful features of Avid while only costing a fraction of the price.


The Steps

1. Insert the Pinnacle Installation Disk into the computer.

2. Select an installation language and click “OK.”

3. Click “Next” when the installation wizard launches.

4. Check “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and click next. You will now be allowed to install Pinnacle 10 without accepting.

5. Click “Next” when shown the installation destination. You can change this by clicking “Browse” and then typing your desired location, however the default setting is recommended.

6. Select either a “Typical Installation” or “Custom Installation.” Typical installs all files associated with Pinnacle 10, while custom lets you pick and choose what is installed. The typical installation is recommended.

7. Click “Next” and then “Install.” The installation will now begin.

8. Click “Finish” when notified of the installation being complete.

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