Install Avid Xpress Pro

Avid Xpress Pro is a computer program for creating and editing video content. Although Avid discontinued the Xpress Pro product in 2008 in favor of other products, you may find after comparing it to other video-editing programs that it fits your needs anyway. It may be possible to Avid Xpress Pro at a reduced cost because of its age. Install Avid Xpress Pro on your computer if you want to create and edit videos.


1. Insert the Avid Xpress Pro installation disc into your computer’s CD-drive. After a moment, the main Avid Xpress Pro installation menu will appear. Click “Install Avid Editor Suite.” The next window that appears is titled “Avid Log Exchange Setup.”

2. Click “Next.”

3. Select your country from the list, and then click “Next.”

4. Examine the terms outlined in the Avid license agreement. To agree to the terms and continue installation, click “Yes” and then click “Next.” The installation utility installs Avid Log Exchange.

5. Click “Next” when the “EDL Manager Setup” window appears. Select your country, read and agree to the license terms and then click “Next” to install EDL Manager.

6. Repeat Step 5 to install Avid FilmScribe. After a moment, the installation screen for Avid Xpress Pro appears. Click “Next.”

7. Examine the license terms for Avid Xpress Pro. If you agree to the terms, click “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and then click “Next.”

8. Click “Next” again, and then click “Install.” The installation utility copies the remaining components of Avid Xpress Pro to the computer.

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9. Click “Finish” when the Avid Xpress Pro installation is complete. All components of the program are now installed. Click “Yes” to restart the computer.