Install Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid is video-editing software you can use to perform basic edits, such as trimming the length of a video, or more advanced edits, such as lining up an audio track with the video. To prevent copying of the software, you must use both the installation CD and a dongle (security hardware) packaged with the software when you install Avid Liquid. The dongle also must be connected whenever you use Avid Liquid. Your system must meet minimum requirements to operate the software, including a specified amount of free hard-drive space and RAM, and specified drivers.


1. Insert the AVID Liquid dongle into the computer’s USB port. The dongle is meant to deter people from copying the software, and must be inserted every time you access the program. Also notice the cardboard connected to the dongle, which has the activation key on it.

2. Insert the Avid Liquid installation CD into the computer’s optical drive. The installation wizard will begin to run.

3. Accept the user agreement when prompted.

4. Enter the authorization code found on the cardboard tag connected to the Avid Liquid dongle when prompted.

5. Check to install any additional software features when prompted. Click “Next.”

6. Choose “Install,” and Liquid will install on the computer. Follow any additional prompts.

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