Install Avid Liquid Edition With Windows Vista

Edit together video with Avid Liquid

Avid produces video editing software and hardware used by many of the largest post-production firms to create and edit films. Avid Liquid supports both standard and high-definition footage and is designed to run on Windows Vista computer systems. If you have recently purchased Avid Liquid, you need to properly install the software to use the programming on a computer.


1. Insert the Avid Liquid dongle in one of the USB ports on the Windows Vista system. The dongle must be inserted at all times, otherwise the computer is unable to launch Avid Liquid. This prevents a user from creating copies of Avid Liquid and using the software on multiple computers at the same time.

2. Insert the software installation CD into the disc drive and wait for the installation wizard to load.

3. Accept the license agreement, then type the printed code found on the cardboard tag connected to the dongle. Click “Next” to continue.

4. Check off all the additional program features you want, such as DVD authorizing, and select “Next.” It is best just to select all the features, as you never know when you need the particular options.

5. Select “Install” and the Avid Liquid software installs directly onto the Windows Vista computer.

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