Install An Intel Core I7 Processor

The Intel Core i7 processor was first released in late 2008. The 2010 model Core i7 chips are quad-core processors that make use of Hyper-Threading technology to provide optimized, high-end performance. The Core i7 processor is targeted toward high-end computer users who demand multimedia performance for tasks such as bulk video editing and performance gaming. The Core i7 processor also makes use of smart technology to devote computer resources to current tasks, resulting in energy savings.


1. Disconnect all cables from the computer hard drive and then take the computer casing off by removing the clamps or screws that hold it in place. Slide the shell off the computer and set it aside.

2. Remove the CPU fan that sits on top of the heat sink and processor by removing the clamps that hold the fan in place. Disconnect the cable that connects the fan to the motherboard by firmly grasping the connector on the board and pulling away at a 90-degree angle.

3. Take the CPU heat sink off by grasping two ends of the unit and pulling away from the CPU. Remove the processor by pulling it away from the motherboard.

4. Align the Intel Core i7 processor pin configuration to match the motherboard socket. Push the processor directly into the CPU socket until firmly seated.

5. Reinstall the heat sink on top of the new processor by pressing firmly on top of the i7 processor.

6. Reinstall the CPU fan on top of the heat sink and plug the fan connector back into the motherboard.

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7. Replace the casing and reconnect all computer cables previously removed. Turn on the power to your computer.