Install An Apexi Turbo Timer

Turbos generate a lot of heat in charging air combusted by the engine. This can create reliability issues with the turbocharger itself if the vehicle is instantly shut off after heavy driving, as the oil that circulates to cool the turbo remains extremely hot, thus baking the turbo’s bearings and creating unnecessary wear. The APEXi turbo timer keeps your turbocharged vehicle idling for a preselected amount of time after the ignition key is removed, allowing the turbo time to cool before shutdown.


1. Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal before you begin installation. This is the black terminal located on top of the battery. Loosen the clamp’s screw and lift the cable off of the terminal.

2. Remove the steering column cover behind the steering wheel. This procedure will vary between different makes and models. Most commonly it’s a plastic cover which is separate from the rest of the dash, held on by plastic clips or Phillips screws. Search along the underside to find and remove all pinnings. The cover should then lift easily off, exposing your vehicle’s ignition harness.

3. Disconnect the ignition plug. Generally, this is a plastic harness with a male and female connection. Once separated, insert the supplied APEXi harness between the stock connections. The APEXi harness likewise has male and female connecters that plug directly into your vehicle’s ignition.

4. Connect the APEXi harness to the supplied relay. This is a three-pronged connection that plugs directly in. Set the turbo timer unit approximately where you would like it to remain when finished so that you can tuck excess wiring of the harness out of the way. Secure wiring with zip ties.

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5. Splice the black ground wire from the APEXi relay into your vehicle’s ECU ground wire. To do so strip approximately 5mm of the ECU ground wire‘s installation. Wrap the relay wire around the exposed portion, then crimp it with the supplied APEXi splices. Refer to vehicle-specific wiring diagrams if you are unsure as to which wire is the ECU ground wire.

6. Splice the APEXi relay’s white wire into the ECU’s O2 sensor wire in the same way described in Step 5. Splice the relay’s gray wire into the vehicle’s parking brake switch. This may require removal of the center console cover, which most often is held on by removable plastic clips. Again, refer to vehicle-specific wiring diagrams if you are unsure of exact wire locations.

7. Tuck all loose wires into the dash and center console, then secure with zip ties. Replace the steering column cover, leaving enough slack for the APEXi harness plug to reach your turbo timer unit. Replace the center console cover. Set the APEXi Auto Timer unit in desired location. Plug it into the harness, then secure the turbo timer unit with the supplied double-sided tape.