Install Adobe Cs4 On An Asus Aspire One

Use an external DVD drive to install Creative Suite on your Acer Aspire One.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 is a professional-level software suite for graphic and web production. Acer’s Aspire One line of netbooks possesses all the necessary hardware to run Adobe Creative Suite, but lacks a DVD drive, which is necessary for installing the retail discs. To install Creative Suite 4, you need to connect an external DVD drive to the Aspire One’s USB port, then use it just like a full-sized laptop or desktop. You also need at least 8 gigabytes of free hard drive space for the basic version of CS4, or up to 25 gigabytes for the full Master Collection.


1. Connect the USB cord to the external DVD drive, then plug it into your computer. If your DVD drive requires external power, plug it into a wall socket or power strip.

2. Press the “Open” or “Eject” button on the DVD drive. Insert the first Creative Suite disc.

3. Wait for a pop-up to appear on your screen. If you do not see a pop-up, click “Start,” then click “Computer” or “My Computer.” Double-click the “Adobe Creative Suite” drive. Double-click “Set-up.exe.” It may take a few minutes for the setup program to start.

4. Enter your activation code, and then click “Next.” Click “Accept.”

5. Click “Easy Install” to install the entire Creative Suite. Click “Custom Install” to remove programs from the right-hand pane. Considering the small hard drive of the Acer Aspire One, you may want to install only the programs you absolutely need.

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6. Click “Install.” If the Setup program asks you to insert different discs, do so. The installation may take up to an hour. When the installation finishes, enter your registration information (optional) then click “Next.” Click “Quit.”