Install A New Video Codec

A codec is an algorithm that encodes and decodes streams of media like audio and video tracks. If you can stream a digital media file’s audio track, but not its video track, then file’s video codec is not supported by your system. In order to enable playback for the video track, you will need to download and install the right decoder or filter for the video codec.


1. Launch a codec identification tool.

2. Import the digital media file into the application. The program will analyze the file and detect the codecs that were used for compression. If the decoders or filters that are required to read video codec are not installed on your system, then the application will provide a link to download the components.

3. Click on the link to obtain the missing component. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the decoder or filter onto your computer. A confirmation message will appear when the component has been successfully added and activated.

4. Test the new component by loading the digital media file into a media player. If the video track streams without a problem, then the file’s video codec is now supported by your system.

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