Install A New Video Card In Your Sony Desktop Pc

A new video card can make all the difference in the world when you’re using your desktop PC for gaming or watching movies and videos. Installing a new video card in your Sony desktop PC isn’t difficult, and doing it yourself can save you a hefty chunk of money from a tech repair service.


1. Make sure that you have the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your new video card.

2. Remove the video drivers for the current video card. Check the Start menu for any Remove utilities specifically for the current video card.

3. Remove the current video card in the Device Manager. Now you’re ready to install the new video card.

4. Turn off the computer and disconnect it from the power source.

5. Follow directions from the computer’s user manual to open the case. In most cases, you’ll just remove a side panel.

6. Locate the AGP video slot. If there is a video card in it, remove the video card.

7. Orient the new video card so that the metal bracket lines up with an open slot in the back of your computer and the gold contacts on the video card line up with the opening in the AGP connector.

8. Push the new video card into the AGP slot with steady, gentle pressure.

9. Connect any power cables to the power supply.

10. Secure the video card in place with a screw through the card bracket into the computer case.

11. Close up the case, following the computer manual’s instructions.

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12. Reattach the power cord, monitor cable, keyboard and mouse.

13. Power up your computer. Windows will detect the new video card and ask if you want to install it now. Click “OK” or “Yes.”

14. If prompted, direct Windows to the directory where the video drivers are located. Follow the prompts to install the drivers for the new video card. Reboot if necessary.