Insert A Video Into Photo Story 3

Insert a Video Into Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 for Windows provides the tools to edit digital images, make a slideshow from the images and add a soundtrack with music or recorded narration. Photo Story 3 does not support video, however, so video cannot be inserted directly into a Photo Story 3 project. Microsoft recommends using another free, native program, Windows Movie Maker, to insert video into a Photo Story 3 project.


1. Complete your slideshow in Photo Story 3 by adding all of the images that you want to include in the slideshow in order. Do not add the soundtrack for your project to your slideshow, which makes it more difficult to add the video to the project. If you want to add a soundtrack that plays over the slideshow and the video, it can be added later in Movie Maker.

2. Export the Photo Story 3 project as a WMV movie file. To export as WMV, click the “Next” button in the Photo Story interface until you get to the final screen. Leave the “Save your story for playback on your computer” option selected, click the “Browse” button and select the folder on the hard drive where you want the file to save and click “Save Project.” The Photo Story 3 project exports as WMV.

3. Launch Windows Movie Maker on your computer, and import both the Photo Story 3 project and the video you want to insert into the project into movie maker. To import in movie maker, click the “Import Media” button, go to the folder that contains, first the Photo Story project, and then the movie file. Double-click each of these files to add them to the media pane in Movie Maker.

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4. Drag the Photo Story 3 project and the video you want to insert to the timeline. The way that you drag the clips to the timeline depends on where you want the video to be inserted into the Photo Story project (see “Tips”).

5. Add the soundtrack to the Windows Movie Maker project. Import the audio file by going to “Insert Media” again, finding the file on the hard drive and double-clicking to load it to Movie Maker, and then drag the clip to the “Audio” track.

6. Publish the project again. Go to the “File” menu and “Publish Movie.” Enter a name for the movie in the window that comes up, select the folder where you want to movie to save and click “Publish.”