Increase Volume On A Video

Thanks to good cheap, digital camcorders, almost anyone can make quality videos. But a major problem for some home-video makers is sound quality. If you can barely hear someone speaking on the video, the fault often lies in the built-in microphones that come with most camcorders. This is why many people use external boom mikes and clip-ons instead, but these can also let you down on occasion. If you have a video with very low sound, you can fix it quickly using video-editing software such as Windows Movie Maker.


1. Download and install Windows Movie Maker on your computer.

2. Load your video file (or files) onto your computer by connecting your digital camcorder to the computer with a USB cable.

3. Open Windows Movie Maker. At the bottom you will see a blank time line. The middle is taken up by the collections bin, where imported videos are stored. To the right are the Import and Export functions. Click on Import Video. In the dialog box that opens, browse to the video file or files you want to work with and open them. They will be placed in the collections bin, with each file showing as a thumbnail clip.

4. Drag the files down into the time line. Right-click on the audio track. From the list of options select Volume. The Audio Clip Volume dialog box will pop up. You can use the slider to adjust the volume of the audio clip up or down. You also have the option of muting the entire clip. Click OK and then Play. If the volume is still too low (or too loud), go back to the Audio Clip Volume dialog box and either adjust the volume slider again or click on the Reset button to return the volume to its original level. Click OK and save your work.

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