Increase Dpi In Paint

Increasing the dots per inch (DPI), is helpful when blowing up the size of a photo. This ensures that the photo does not lose clarity when increasing the size. Increasing a photo’s DPI is more difficult than decreasing an image size, which only requires dragging the corner of the picture, but enlarging an image requires a photo editing program, such as Microsoft Paint Shop Pro. This program can alter resolution and the photo’s document size, which needs to be done in order to increase the image’s DPI.


1. Set the shooting mode on your camera to a large file size. Do this whether your camera is an automatic or digital SLR. This will make it easiest to increase the resolution later. This process can vary depending on the camera model, although some of the steps may be similar. Accessing the “Menu,” then “Size,” is usually involved in the process. For a DSLR camera, adjusting the photo to either “Raw” or “Large” will ensure the largest photo size.

2. Increase the DPI or resolution of the photo with a photo-editing software, such as Microsoft Paint. Adjust the DPI to a reasonable amount by accessing the “Image Size” menu, which is usually found under “Edit” or “Image” tab on the upper tool bar. Enter the DPI of the photo in the box that appears. A suggested DPI level is 300 for maintaining full clarity. It is possible to increase the photo to 600 if necessary, but the image may not be as sharp.

3. Save the file and print it either at home or at a retail printing company. If you have significantly increased the resolution, then the photo may not be very clear. It is best to let the print operator know this before printing the photo and you may need to lower the resolution so the photo will not blur.

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