Improve Vhs To Dvd Quality

Improve VHS to DVD Quality

Through years of use and natural wear, a VHS tape slowly loses the pristine quality that it began with. Once the VHS footage is uploaded to a DVD, you could simply burn the video or go through steps to improve the quality for the DVD conversion. With a basic understanding of video editing software, you can make the improvements quickly and have the DVD conversion completed within a couple of hours.


1. Open an advanced video editor. Software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas. Start a new project and import the VHS footage.

2. Drag and drop the VHS footage into the “Timeline” window. If the video is over an hour, you can split it up into two parts so editing will be faster and take up less memory on the computer.

3. Play the video to analyze problems with it. Take note of key aspects like grainy footage, loss of contrast and scratchy audio. Create a checklist of things to go through while editing.

4. Drag and drop a “Brightness and Contrast” effect onto the video. In the effect adjustments, slightly decrease the brightness and increase the contrast for a more vivid video. Always use the preview monitor to see the difference with each effect.

5. Apply a “Color Correction” filter to make colors more vibrant. You can use an automatic effect that adjusts the colors or apply a custom effect to choose your own color balance. Slide the red, green or blue color sliders to apply or remove the different colors.

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6. Use a “Noise Reduction” filter to improve the overall of the video. Apply the effect and use headphones so you can clearly hear the changes within the video. Noise reduction is sensitive, so be careful that you do not overuse it or the audio can become completely muffled.

7. Duplicate sounds and extend their use with a 5.1 or Stereo surround filter. This will make good use out of the DVD audio and while it will not be a true surround sound mix, it will prevent you from overusing the volume control on your TV remote.

8. Look over your changes and make any final adjustments. Export your video as an AVI or MPEG-2 video file for highest quality. Save the file as a different name so you do not get it confused with the original file.

9. Wait for the video to finish rendering and then test the final file to make sure all of the changes were properly made and the audio plays correctly.