Improve Editing Skills

Learn improve your editing skills for effective communications. In your career or business, your superior editing skills will help you communicate more clearly. Follow these steps to improve your editing skills for stronger business writing.


Improve Editing Skills

1. Read the content to be edited. For example, it may be the first draft or a later revision of a business letter, website page, or article. Read it slowly to understand the content, while also reviewing the flow, grammar, and spelling.

2. Read for the big-picture issues such as the logical organization and quality of the content. Consider the target audience, and whether the article appears to be informative with a useful takeaway. Make corrections or take notes of needed changes while you read the content.

3. Use a dictionary and spell check to correct spelling. Memorize the most common grammar mistakes and review your writing for grammar. Use a thesaurus to replace redundant words. Synonyms add variety and interest to your writing.

4. Edit the introduction paragraph and conclusion. Grab the reader’s attention with an engaging introduction and finish with a strong conclusion.

5. Confirm that the rest of your writing supports your story — include specifics, details, and examples for a more credible and interesting argument. Add transition words to start each paragraph for a logical flow. Remove unnecessary or redundant words for tighter writing.

6. Put the writing aside for a few hours or days. Return to it for a second revision and fresh perspective. Repeat Steps 1 to 5.

7. Ask for feedback and editing help from friends or colleagues. Note any mistakes you make, and aim to avoid them in the future.

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