Import Vob Files From Dvd To Imovie

You can import your homemade DVDs by adjusting your camcorder to the proper setting.

The 2008, 2009 and 2011 versions of iMovie give you the option to import the VOB files you’ve made on your DVD camcorder, iPhone or film clips on your iPod. In iMovie, you can edit the films, make clips or add music, narration or photos. iMovie also allows you to import VOB files on homemade DVDs, but it lacks native support for importing commercial DVDs.


1. Place your home-recorded DVD in your camcorder. Some camcorders allow you to mount in different modes: If you have the option to mount it in a certain mode, choose “Video” or “Standard.” Don’t put the camcorder in “VR” mode, or the DVD may not mount correctly on your Mac. Different camcorder manufacturers have varying settings, so check your model information.

2. Plug your camcorder in to an open USB port on your Mac. Depending on the model and manufacturer of your camcorder, you may be able to use a Firewire connector instead.

3. Launch iMovie from your applications list or dock. Click the “File” menu, then “Import” and “Movies.” In the window that appears, navigate to the DVD mounted from your camcorder. Click the file you want to import. Then click the “Import” button. If it appears, you can bring up the Import window by clicking the icon of a camcorder. Some camcorders don’t support this option, so they may not display the icon.

4. Choose whether you want to import all of the recording files on the DVD by moving the switch at the bottom of the screen to “Automatic” and pushing the “Import All” button, or by moving the switch to “Manual” and checking the box under the VOB files you want to import.

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5. Choose where to save the file on your computer from the drop-down list that appears and push the “OK” button. In the window that appears that notes that your import is complete, press the “OK” button.