VirtualDub’s value lies in its ability to capture videos and process them in batches. You can use VirtualDub to apply filters to the audio and video tracks of your videos files, and you can also use it to trim your video captures into smaller pieces for use in another video editor. The utility’s arsenal of audio and video filters is expandable. You can download their party filters and then import them into the VirtualDub’s filter libraries.


1. Download your VirtualDub plug-ins (see Resources). Extract the plug-ins from their ZIP file containers. Double-click on each ZIP file to view them in file explorer windows. Drag and drop the plug-ins to a folder on your computer.

2. Launch VirtualDub from the program’s shortcut on your desktop. Click on the “Video” heading, and then select the “Filters” option from the “Video” menu. If you’re installing audio filters, select the “Filters” option from the “Audio” heading.

3. Click on the “Add” button in the “Filters” menu, and then click “Load” in the “Add Filters” menu. Locate your plug-in files, using the file explorer window that appears. Click “Open” to add the filters to VirtualDub.

4. Select one of your new filters from the list in the “Add Filters” menu. Click “OK” to load the selected filter.